Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's A Sickness.

I've mentioned a few times that I kind of like grocery shopping. A lot.

Today was a big shopping day. When I run out of basic things to make other things from--like flour, garlic, and baking soda--it is time to go to the store. I had been trying my darndest to stay out of the store, quite successfully, but today I HAD to go.

And go, I went.

I got Christmas food stuffs, but the shining gem of the day was my New Year's Eve gift: A prime rib to cook. *cue angels singing*  I love beef. I love prime rib beef the bestest.  It makes my heart aflutter.  I sort of feel guilty, because I am so much more excited about New Years Eve dinner than I am Christmas dinner, mainly because I am so so tired of turkey and ham. SO tired. But, cooking for 30 means things that feed a crowd, and turkey and ham are 2 of those things. One of these years I am going to surprise the Taylors with Chinese food for Christmas. One of these years...

Back to my awesome prime rib. I am already dreaming of how delicious it will be. I have a recipe perfected for it that encases it in salt, and cooks it low and slow in the oven.  Served with a potato, asparagus, and maybe some mushroom red wine reduction? Closest thing to heaven I can get.  I think while he's here, I will name him...Bo. Bo Vine. Yum.


  1. I love beef, too. I dream of roasts seasoned with garlic and idea how to cook prime rib, tho.

  2. I had a roomie that would do a prime rib every New Year's. He would insert garlic cloves into slits in the meat so all of that yummy garlic goodness would bake into the meat.

  3. I am so lucky.

    What can I bring? Maybe these?: