Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Appetite for Destruction

My son has been on quite the roll lately.  I can't decide if he's bored, or has a new-found ornery streak, but the kid has been seriously effing up my stuff around here.

Two weeks ago, he got into my room (which is strictly off-limits), got into my armoire, and emptied all of my expensive hair care products and oils, lotions, and mouthwash all over the carpet, bedspread, and our weimaraner Duncan.  At least 7 washes of the dog later, 4 loads of laundry, and a handful of tears over the state of my ruined carpet, and I decided to let him live.

Only to find him a few days later digging in his off-limits closet through the craft drawer.  He glued scraps of paper, glitter, and markers to the dog and his bedroom comforter.  I thought he was asleep, since he fell asleep on the way home from the swimming pool.  Nope. He was embracing his inner Picasso. The washing machine got a work out, and the dog got yet another bath.

Fast forward to this past Friday.  We were having a bit of a gathering, since we had lots of family in town.  I went to flush the toilet, and the toilet over flowed. It wouldn't plunge out either.  I admitted defeat, and called our friend the plumber. At 5pm. On Friday.  Three hours and 40 feet of snaking later, our toilet flushed.  The culprit?  Toddler underwear. Size 4T. Thomas the Tank Engine.  Sam strikes again.  Can't wait to see that bill.

And now we are here today.  I just scrubbed my bathroom, and yet again washed the bed spread. My hubs left a razor on our sink this morning, and Sam grabbed it while I was changing his sister.  Yes, in the bathroom he isn't supposed to be in.  He cut his finger, and wiped blood all over every surface in the bathroom and my bedroom.

I know that kids make messes. I know that kids are just learning, and it's our job as parents to mold their tiny schizophrenic beings into normally functioning adults. But sweet freaking Grilled Cheezus.  I am tired. And I am broke, and my washing machine hasn't quit running for weeks.

Needless to say, we've invested in some keyed locks at Casa De Hot Mess. This crib is going on lock down, but I venture a guess that Captian Destructo will still dazzle me with his destructive capabilities.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sam likes goats. Goats like Sam.

My beautiful butterfly girl.

Summer is in full swing here.  We spend most of our days playing outside, going to the pool to see Tan Dan the Speedo man, or schlepping all over hell's half acre to various summer activities.  I don't feel like I update as often as I want, but I am really trying my best to run the kids like baby Labrador puppies.  Evenings here have been quiet. :) 

We helped our friends move this past weekend.  Their new house is beautiful, and it has a pool.  We have a new favorite weekend hangout, and they owe us. ;)  Good thing we all like eachother.

Sloane was seen at Children's Mercy a few weeks ago. Her old hack job pediatrician had missed a heart murmur in her, so we got the full work up. She's going to be fine, thank goodness, but I am having a heart attack opening up her cardiology clinic bills. I suppose she's worth it.  She's been the belle of the ball at the pool, making friends with mommies and kids, and all around being adorable. She is very empathetic to Sam's needs, and we never hear her complain of having to adjust sails to smoother seas in regards to Sam. We couldn't have asked for a better sister to Sam. She has also taken a huge liking to learning Spanish, so I get to use some of that big fancy college edumucation I got.

Sam is out of school for the summer, and we are clamoring to find things for him to do that would suit his special needs. He's really too young for organized sports (and since he prefers being alone, I am thinking he'd be miserable in them), so I've been encouraging him to branch out and play with other kids at the pool and park. We're looking into some art and music classes, and I am still fighting every day to get him education services and therapies. We are in the process of applying for child social security disability benefits, and let me tell you, that has been a real joy.  Talk about frustration.

Aside from all that, we are looking forward to a visit from aunts and uncles this weekend, and will be putting together something special for Daddy for Father's day. I will do my best to update more.  Unless I don't. ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Because I Don't Have Enough To Do...

I have decided recently to try and run an entire 5k. I'm sure it sounds easy to most of you reading this, but I am not a big fan of the running thing. Kudos to those of you that love it; I am now doing my best to understand by joining the Couch to 5K workout.  Basically, if you follow the program, you will be able to run a 5K by the end of the training, which is roughly 6ish weeks.

My friend Lindsay is joining me. She doesn't much like to run either, so we thought we would be good motivation for eachother.  So far, it really has been good to have here there, if for nothing more than to complain about having to flipping run again. I like walking! I like dinner parties! I like attending running events and cheering people on from my lawn chair.

So, if you drive down Sixth street in the coming weeks, and you see me crumpled on the sidewalk dying, now you know why.  It's me against the 5K right now, and so far the Couch is the clear winner.