Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sam likes goats. Goats like Sam.

My beautiful butterfly girl.

Summer is in full swing here.  We spend most of our days playing outside, going to the pool to see Tan Dan the Speedo man, or schlepping all over hell's half acre to various summer activities.  I don't feel like I update as often as I want, but I am really trying my best to run the kids like baby Labrador puppies.  Evenings here have been quiet. :) 

We helped our friends move this past weekend.  Their new house is beautiful, and it has a pool.  We have a new favorite weekend hangout, and they owe us. ;)  Good thing we all like eachother.

Sloane was seen at Children's Mercy a few weeks ago. Her old hack job pediatrician had missed a heart murmur in her, so we got the full work up. She's going to be fine, thank goodness, but I am having a heart attack opening up her cardiology clinic bills. I suppose she's worth it.  She's been the belle of the ball at the pool, making friends with mommies and kids, and all around being adorable. She is very empathetic to Sam's needs, and we never hear her complain of having to adjust sails to smoother seas in regards to Sam. We couldn't have asked for a better sister to Sam. She has also taken a huge liking to learning Spanish, so I get to use some of that big fancy college edumucation I got.

Sam is out of school for the summer, and we are clamoring to find things for him to do that would suit his special needs. He's really too young for organized sports (and since he prefers being alone, I am thinking he'd be miserable in them), so I've been encouraging him to branch out and play with other kids at the pool and park. We're looking into some art and music classes, and I am still fighting every day to get him education services and therapies. We are in the process of applying for child social security disability benefits, and let me tell you, that has been a real joy.  Talk about frustration.

Aside from all that, we are looking forward to a visit from aunts and uncles this weekend, and will be putting together something special for Daddy for Father's day. I will do my best to update more.  Unless I don't. ;)

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