Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sorry I haven't updated for a while! The holiday rush got to me in a big way this year. Next year I must not procrastinate. (yeah right). Anyways, here's a few pictures from our Christmases this year.

My family Christmas is the weekend before the actual holiday. My parents got sick of having to share all of us with in-laws and outlaws, so they sacrificed spending the actual day together for spending more than an hour with each of us. It's worked out beautifully the past few years.

John's family Christmas was interesting this year. A blizzard dumped 8+ inches of snow in our part of the country right over the holiday, so many of his relatives came in shifts--when they could get out of their own driveways and down the highways safely. Some were unable to make it at all, including Grandma Lolly. :( Thankfully she was well taken care of, even if she was alone this year. We'll make it up next year, I hope!

Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope they were great for all of you!

Sloane looking at the tree

Aunt Kathy snuggles

Sam playing with his St. Louis cousins

How do you like your pizza, Laszlo?

Johnny shovelling after the blizzard.
Just a little bit of snow...

Sloane and her Uncle Justin

Sam unwrapping a gift from Nana and Papa

Daddy and his Cardinal girl

Sam decided to take a nap. In the middle of the dining room. At dinner time.

Sloane with her Aunt Megan and cousin Emery.
Emmy giving Sloane a snuggle.

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