Sunday, December 13, 2009

Birthday Icecapades

This year I have had some trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. To combat the winter blues, I decided that this year for my birthday, some friends and I would go ice skating at Crown Center. John took care of the babysitting arrangements (Thanks Aunt Terri, Uncle Jim, and Aunt Patti!!), and we loaded up the Honda with friends and hot chocolate. And maybe some peppermint schnapps. ;)

The day was perfect! The rink wasn't too crowded, the weather was crisp and sunny, and the girlfriends were hilarious. We all don't get together too often, so when we are actually under the same roof, we make the most of it. Amber brought some crazy hats, I brought cocoa (and schnapps, maybe), and we had a blast. Nobody went to the ER, though Johnny did take a bit of a tumble. I didn't fall at all, but there were some close calls. We laughed. We skated. We posed for pictures. It was a wonderful birthday, and just the cure for my Scrooginess.

Me channelling my inner Cousin Eddie
Some great girlfriends! Minus Amber, the picture taker. Oh, and plus one stud of a husband.

Sam, Rachel and me.

John captured my "almost" fall on film.

Warming up inside

Our pre-ice skating tailgate. If we're hanging in a parking lot, there's always beverages.

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