Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Fever

Spring fever has arrived at my house. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and I am again wielding the powerful combination of spackling compound and putty knife.

I get urges to do things, and then convince myself that they need to be started RIGHT THIS INSTANT. This is how my master bathroom was updated, my bedroom painted, and the 1970's era wall paper scraped from my foyer. There was nothing scheduled about it, I literally just snapped and decided that was THE DAY to do it. John has come home many times to me sledgehammering walls, mudding drywall, and painting. He's gotten really good at complimenting me on my handywork, and asking if I am pregnant again, as these two things go seemingly hand in hand (the answer, by the way, is HELL to the no).

On the agenda this week? Sam's bedroom is being painted. I taped and spackled this morning, sanded this afternoon, and will pick out paint as soon as Sloane wakes from her nap. His room will be painted tomorrow before John gets home. Because I am AWESOME.

Did I mention Sloane's first birthday party is this weekend? Nothing like waiting until the last minute there, Lindsey. But at least I will have another fabulous home improvement project to show off.

I will post pictures when it is all finished and nice and pretty.

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