Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things That I Don't Love

I usually fancy myself a pretty positive person, but today I need to write out the things that have annoyed me all day. Thank you for the free therapy. :)

1. KU losing last weekend--Sure, it seems like small apples to those that aren't Jayhawk fans, but March in Lawrence is a beautiful thing. People come together--strangers, friends, everyone--to watch the Jays win. And then they didn't. Now I have no excuse for carrying my friend Ella on my shoulders down Mass. St. while high fiving strangers. My social calendar for March just cleared up real fast.

2. Inattentive park parents. I'm talking to you, woman-chatting-on-her-cell- phone-while-your-budding-sociopath-pile-drives-my-toddlers. Get off your damn phone and watch your kids! If you don't parent them, I sure as hell am gonna.

3. The children's shoe department at Target. WTF Target stores? Why are there 495 different sandal selections for my baby girl, and 3 for my son? Don't you think boys want to branch out in colors besides brown and blue? Flippin' ridiculous.

4. Puzzles. I love that puzzles are educational. I'm certain Sam knows his numbers, letters, colors, and shapes because of puzzles. I don't love that my children's favorite thing to do is go over to a stack of puzzles, dump them on the floor, and take off. My house is scattered with random puzzle pieces. They hurt when you step on them. They make me yell obscenities, and then I have to put quarters in the cuss jar. Mama no likey.

This is all for now. It feels good getting that out. :)

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