Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vegas or Bust

Commence freak out.

My husband was offered a really great job opportunity recently.  He's been unhappy at his job for quite some time, and a recent meeting with the big wigs of the old company was the sign from Grilled Cheezus that it was time for Hubs to start putting feelers out.  Well, feel no more.  He's been offered, and has accepted a new position, which he starts the 30th of January.

Yes. That is in a mere 25 days.

Twenty five days to get this house in tip top, "please buy me" mode.  Twenty five days to try and find a place to live.  Oh yeah, and an interstate, 1300 mile move.

Twenty five days to say goodbye to 25 years of friendships, old haunts, favorite spots, and family.

I waffle between being really excited, and being totally scared. I love it here in my comfortable spot.  I also love a new adventure.

Ready or not, Las Vegas. Here comes the Hot Mess Express.

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