Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It Finally Happened...

Well, it took five years to happen, but today my son asked me the dreaded question: "Mom, can we go to Chuck E Cheese?"

God. Why! WHY! What makes that place so awesome?  Chunky Cheese and it's ilk are my idea of Hell on Earth.  I love good food, I love video games, I love child friendly places...but something about the conglomeration of all of those (minus the good food) with a dirty rat as a spokesperson just gives me the heeby jeebies.

I have learned that every parent has their own version of the "worst place ever."  One of my friends has convinced his children that McDonald's is full of scary clowns.  Now, at age 7, their oldest has never eaten McDonald's. Age seven and has never had a Happy Meal?  That is bananas to me, who stuffed her kids with golden arches food as soon as they were old enough for a road trip.  I understand that a lot of other parents don't mind Chunky Cheese.  I raise my glass to you. I'd rather have a lobotomy.

And so, I told another of a multitude of Little White Lies.  "Sam, that place has really gross food, and the people are scary, and it's loud.  I don't think you would like it." (in my mind I was also saying "that disgusting rat costume hasn't been washed since 1984, and I'd rather eat a bike tire than a slice of their pizza).

Seriously. I am a food lover. I am a culture lover. We have taken our kids to some amazing places that a lot of adults wish they had access to. Yet, still, the urge to visit the Chunky Hell on Earth is strong.  I thought I raised my kids better than that!

Kudos to the Chunky marketing team though...clearly you are doing something right.

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  1. Hahahaha..... so funny.

    I don't like Chuck E Cheese either and had to endure going there when my Grandkids were younger. They loved it!