Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let's Get Up To Speed, Shall We?

Last time I left off, I was fresh off an ACL replacement surgery and a move across town.  Things settled down...sort of. :)
 So pretty.

Sam started 1st grade at Twitchell Elementary school. He is in Ms. Kessler's SLD program, and I am proud to say he is now doing great.  He can read, his writing has improved 100%, and he is making friends. It makes me happy.

Sloane also started school. She takes Pre-K classes at the Henderson Multi-generational Center. This week, I also received her Kindergarten enrollment package. (insert sobbing "where did my baby go" dialogue here)  She's also quite the little ballerina, and participated in her first recital in December.

Johnny celebrated another birthday. He's still the news editor for local news at the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.  Because of his job, we get to do some pretty cool "not in Kansas anymore" stuff. It's been fun! There is a lot to do in and around Las Vegas, and of course the weather is awesome.
Opening of Hakkasan nightclub

Red Rock Canyon hike

First family UNLV Rebels game

Las Vegas Weekly anniversary party at the Tropicana's Havana Room

Christmas at Bellagio

The kiddos with Gregory Popovich at his comedy pet theater.

I celebrated an anniversary of my 25th birthday, too.
We had some wonderful friends and family in town to visit.

Aunt Treece and Lolo came to visit. Sloane and Sam (and mom and dad) were so happy!

Sam and Rachel on our tour of gluttony.

My childhood besties with John and I at the Welcome to Vegas sign.

Things here have been good. We love our new smaller house, and the kids love their school.  I'm rehabbing my knee and preparing to run my first post-injury 10 K in the early summer.

We are excited to take trips back to the midwest this year for a family wedding and just for fun!  The kids got to visit the ocean for the first time in January, when we took a weekend trip to San Diego.

That's pretty much a wrap.  I'm excited to share some of the fun and weird and hilarious tales of our fam in the coming months. Stay tuned. :)

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