Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving, Take Two

On to the second wave of Thanksgiving.

Since John and I have been together, my family Thanksgiving has always been on the weekend following the actual holiday. It works out better for us, since their house is a not-so-quick 5 hour car trip for us. We pack up Friday after I've shopped till I dropped, and we load the DVD player, say a prayer for quiet children (HA HA HA), and get the hell into Dodge. My dad's birthday is always the week of Thanksgiving, too, so our trip home is a two-for-one deal...we sing happy birthday while stuffing our faces with turkey.

This year the weather was crazy nice. Aidan and Sam played outside in long sleeved shirts, and I cooked up a storm with all the windows open. My dad tried his best, yet again, to make my Indoor Husband an Outdoorsman. :) They roamed the fields for pheasants while I made pies and my mom had fun with the kids. John is even talking about taking the hunter's safety course, so perhaps my father's nudging is beginning to work. We had a lovely meal, and even had a visit from great grandma Lindsey. All in all, a good weekend. :)

It always feels good to go home to me...even though as an anxious teenager I couldn't wait to get out. I love seeing the kids play with Nana and Papa in the house I grew up in. I love going outside at night and seeing stars for miles. I love showing John and the kids around "my town." Though Lawrence is now the place I call home, it is always nice to go back to Dodge City.

Sam playing with...the box.
Aidan waving the wheat after a KU touchdown. What a ridiculous game that turned out to be.

Sloane and her Papa.

A future hunter perhaps?

Sam playing in the backyard.

Aidan was trying to show Sloane how to play the "Fishing Game"

"Look Sloaney! You do it like this!"

Sam giving Papa some birthday snuggles

Super Sloane
Cousin A-Dogg

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