Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Many Hats.

There are things that I have done as a mother that I thought I would never do. Pregnancy and birth, for starters. As the years have gone on, this mom has worn many different hats. Hats I didn't even know I possessed.Some have been worn out of necessity, others I always thought I'd leave on the heads of professionals. Or other people besides me. Now that I'm all up in the Mad Real World, I have to do some things to save money. You know, for my Wednesday night Star Bar habit. :)

This morning, I rolled into my kitchen to grab some Windex, and came upon a river of water on the floor. After my initial freak out, I cleaned up the mess and discovered the root of the problem: the kitchen faucet. A plumber told us like, 2 years ago that we needed to replace the faucet, but JT and I kept putting it off, saying things like "Aww, you just have to jiggle it a bit" and "It's not too bad, right?" Well, today, there was no denying it needed to be fixed. I'm not real big on paying a plumber 40 bucks an hour to come replace something so simple as a faucet, so I drove my happy ass to Home Depot and bought one.

I am a college educated woman...surely I can fix this, right? YES. I can. And I DID. With only a phone call to my friend Brian to tell me where to shut off the water. Because I am AWESOME.

And then, I cleaned it all up and made dinner. And changed a diaper. And added "plumber" to my hat collection.


  1. Hells to the yeah!

    My bathtub needs a new faucet/valve. (it drips. drip. drip. drip. water torture if you're sitting on the pot.)

    Think if we put our heads (hats?) together we could figure that out?

  2. I bet we could bang that out Meg, no prob. I've replaced the faucet in my shower. I bet it takes us an hour and 4 beers. :)