Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday's Milestone...

Wah wah waaaahhh. I used to have babies. I used to be up to my elbows in infant gear, bibs, bottles, and burp rags.

I've thrown the bottles out, and now use the burp rags to dust or clean up random disgusting things. Today, I took down the crib. The BABY crib. Sloane moved on up to the east side of Toddlertown, and got herself a nice, not-so-new big girl bed. And Sam got himself a super big boy bed. They are so proud, and I am once again flipping through photo albums, bawling and clutching my children, and begging them not to grow up so fast.

There are no more babies in my house. Just toddlers and big boys now.

Pass the Kleenex. :'(

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