Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Proof Kids Are Nuts...

It's been an interesting past couple of days here. Everyone has been super busy, and stressed out, and trying to stay smiling...the adults, that is. The kids have been oblivious to it all, which is just the way John and I like it. But, I swear, it's like they know we need a laugh right now.

Their new favorite thing in the whole wide world? A newspaper insert advertising Little Caesars $5 pepperoni pizza. They are enamored with it. John had to bring home another few, so that they wouldn't hobo fight over just the one.

Sam slept with his last night, even going so far as falling asleep while saying "pizza! pizza!" (the Little Caesars slogan in the 90's). When he woke up, he came out of his room carrying the insert, and talking to me about Hot! Fresh! and Ready! pizza. He read it, so it must be true.

So far today, we've taken the Little Caesars ad everywhere we've been. Currently, the kids are sitting on the couch with their respective ads, jibbering about them and waving them in the air, laughing hysterically.

It's a laugh a minute, and JT and I have been cracking up all day over it.

Who knew such joy could come from yesterday's news. Why do we have toys again?

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  1. I thought about you earlier. Kate was carrying around a hobo box. She found an empty box (ready for recycling) of Honey Nut Cheerios, and filled it with only weird things a toddler would. I found Jessie, a kitchen towel, her drink, her cell phone, a small plastic puppy, and an empty toilet paper roll. I said, "Nice, you got yourself a hobo box!" Now she keeps referring to the box as her 'ho ho box'.