Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If You Give A Mom A Mop Bucket...

Most days of my life read like the book "If You Give A Moose A Muffin." You know, the book where the moose wants a muffin, and the boy gives it to him, but then the moose wants jam. And of course, the boy doesn't have jam, so they go through this whole rig-a-ma-roll, and at the end of the book the moose still wants another muffin, but there's no jam, and an insanely dirty house and a tired boy. That is my life almost every day.

For instance, on today's agenda I had 3 things. Paint the den and keep 2 children and one dog breathing. I envisioned movies for the kids, a heating pad and a pain pill for the dog, and lots of beautiful butterscotch paint on the walls, all in time for a home made dinner and a shower.

Well folks, here we are at 4pm, and I do have 2 breathing kids, a dog, and a painted den. But there isn't anything thawed for dinner, I am not showered, and my house is a HOT mess.

It was like everytime I got the paint out, one of the kids fell and hurt himself, or they wanted juice, or the dog needed to go out and potty (and since he's drugged up on Fentanyl, I must assist). Or the phone rang. And then it was lunch time, and the kids made a mess, so I got out the vacuum, then the mop, then the kids went to nap, then I at last got the paint out again. And I painted, while both of my kids, unbeknownst to me, thrashed their rooms.

So, I cleaned their rooms. And did a load of laundry, since I noticed their hamper was full. And I answered more calls, and I made more snacks (for everyone but me, since I just realized I haven't eaten since breakfast). And now it is 4pm and I am flippin' exhausted, unshowered, and have a meeting at 6:30 and my house has nothing to show for the fact that at snippets during the day, it has all been wiped down, picked up, or swept at least once.

I am woman, see me multi-task. Perhaps a bit ass backwards and haphazardly, but multi-task nonetheless. :)


  1. I'm just impressed that you painted at all. If it had been me, it would have gone like this: "John, here's the paint and the brush. The kids and I will be at the library. See ya."

  2. You know what they say though Meg...want something done right, do it yourself. ;)