Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day. *Sigh*

This weekend was a pretty good one, looking back on it.  We discovered more of our new city, took the kids to the children's museum and Freemont Street, and spent lots of time sunning and splashing at the pool.  Hubs and I spent a lot of time together just talking and re-learning to be married to each other again.  All in all, good stuff.

But something was missing from our weekend. Camaraderie.  The kids didn't splash and play with their bestest friends, and we didn't sit around The Flying Fork's pool chatting and laughing and eating and drinking and laughing and laughing and laughing with our friends.  They had their wonderful inaugural pool weekend, and we missed out on it.  The children often asked this weekend where Jessie or KatieJill or Johnny or Aunt Megan was, and it broke my heart to say "we don't live near them anymore."

We are looking forward to meeting people here, and I anticipate that as that happens, the kids won't ask so much about friends and family back home. However, for this first holiday for us away from everything that was normal on this weekend was just weird and sad.

I miss my peeps, and I miss laughing a lot. 

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