Monday, May 21, 2012

Nevada vs. Kansas. Pros and Cons

So, I have officially been a resident of Nevada for what now? Four days?  I've been out exploring, shopping, buying stuff, and tooling around.  Moving away from my totally awesome and fantastic life in Kansas has been terribly difficult for me, even though my family is now all together and all that jazz.  In an effort to keep my face out of a quart of ice cream a day while slugging around in a pitted out t-shirt, I have been compiling a list of pros and cons to this drastic change in social life, climate, and region.

Nevada Pros
1.Um...yeah.  I can see the strip from my house. And from Costco. And from Target.  Adult playground is a literal 5 minute drive.

2. Produce prices are much cheaper here, believe it or not, and you don't pay taxes on food. Hey, I'm a stay home parent...and I love to grocery shop.  It's akin to "50% off everything at Nordstroms" for those of you who don't cook.

3. YOU CAN BUY WINE AT THE GROCERY STORE!! AND FOR MUCH CHEAPER!  "Honey, I need you to pick me up some yogurt, juice boxes, Bota Boxes, and broccoli on your way home. Thanks"

4. We can buy 100% more house here for the same amount of money. I feel bad for the folks who got hosed when the housing bubble burst, but I am also super excited about a house big enough for my family and guests to be comfortable.

5. Cliche time!!!!!!   The heat? It is dry.  Like, you can go outside and walk around without looking like a wet dog in 10 seconds.  No more 4000% humidity. 

6. My husband is here.  The kids missed him so much, and it makes me smile that they are so happy to be back with dad. I like it because I can get out of the house at night without paying someone 10 bucks an hour. Winning!

7. Five hours from the ocean and Disneyland. Tons of National Parks within a weekend drive.  We's gonna do some 'splorin', kids.

Nevada Cons
1. Goes without saying, but I miss EVERYONE. My family, my friends, Downtown Dennis pushing his baby stroller down Mass Street while dressed as a cat.  My heart hurts, I miss everyone so much. If I had magic powers I would bring them all here....hey! You know what? Lance Burton lives up the mountain from my new house, maybe I can take over a casserole.....

2. There is a law in Nevada against talking on your cell phone while driving.  Yes, I know it is safer than careening down a highway while coffee talking, but do you realize how hard it is?  Old habits die hard, and I have already plugged "Hot Mess Cell Phone Tickets" into our budget.

3. Astro-turf lawns. Really? Who though this was a good idea? WTF?  It gets super balls ass hot, too. Just like the concrete. And your car. Hot plastic lawn...hawt.

4. Gasoline prices.  Balls. Enough said.

5. Smog, and requisite smog checks.  That beautiful haze in the distance? It isn't a mirage. It's pollution.  And, because me and my SUV are part of that lovely cloud, I get to have emissions testing on my car every year when I renew my car tags.  Kansas didn't have smog...the haze in the distance was cow fart.

6. Car Insurance prices.  People here drive like bat shit crazy lunatics, and it is reflected in "holy shit, this is double!" car insurance.

This is just a small list, which I am sure will grow on both fronts as the weeks wane on.  Pros vs. Cons for now are a draw.  Break even.  Not the best bet, but not a loser either.


  1. This is a wonderful observation list! Happy 'esploring!

  2. Lol oh man girl! Cow fart had me waking up the hubs :o) you keep lookin for the good stuff, the huge tummy pit that hurts will stop aching soon. Kansas will always be here, and yep, smell the same too.

  3. Wait - no wine at the grocery store in Kansas? Yikes. The heat in Nevada would do me in. Oh wait...I live in Texas. It already does...

  4. We miss you, too, love, but we still get your rowdiness online, and you can have ours, too. We'll give great references for all your new friends that I'm sure are in your future.