Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mom FAIL: Potty Training Edition

I am a failure.

Sam is soon to be turning 3, and the child has no interest whatsoever in potty training. I have tried super-cool big boy underwear. I have tried chocolate. I have tried Sprite. I have tried to bribe with a pony, and a trip to Vegas when he's 21. No dice.

It is making me crazy.

Not because I care what other moms think. Not because I really care about the expense of diapers. I mean, when you've got to grab some for the Princess Diva Pants, it's easy to just grab Sam's size, too. It's because I know he knows how to control it. We're having a battle of wills, and the 3 year old is outsmarting the adult.

I want to enroll Sam in preschool. Our church has a really awesome program, and I have talked repeatedly with the head teacher. She wants Sam to come to preschool, too. But Sam has to be potty trained for school. And he is not. So I just continue to talk to the teacher on the phone, instead of chatting with her while dropping Sam off in her classroom and leaving.

Come on kid. Pee in the potty. You know you want to. No? You don't want to? Well then fine. I guess I will sit here and sulk while you laugh on the inside. It's going to be a long 18 years if you keep up your stubborn ways, little Chupa.

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  1. Oy vey, I don't look forward to this process. Reason number 497 that two point margaritas are from the baby jesus.