Sunday, February 28, 2010

Picture Day

About every six months, I go out of my mind and schedule family portraits. I am a lover of photography, and I can't wait for the day that my kids will cooperate enough for me to fork over the big bucks for a big, fancy professional photography setting. We're not there yet, so I do the next best thing, and schedule a studio appointment with an affordable photo-taking chain. That way, the bar isn't set too high when things don't work out, and your son screams the entire 90 minutes you are there.
Sloane was a beauty on this day...hamming it up for the camera, giving her toothy, perfect smile, being putty in the hands of the man behind the camera. We got some wonderful pictures of her, and I spent more than I had planned on hers just because they were so good. Her upcoming first birthday was justification enough for my splurge. :)
Sam....was not a beauty on this day. He was the inspiration of my blog moniker...a HOT MESS. If we were in the lobby of the photo place, he was peaches. If I could have gotten pictures of him playing at the lego table in the lobby, I would have. But, the minute we walked into the room with the bright lights and the fancy props, Sam lost his shit. No smiling, no cooperation, no sitting still. During our family photos, he kicked and flailed and shouted "No No NO!" The only thing that saved the photographer on this day was that the theme for the month is Easter...Sam loved the basket of eggs and the bunny, we worked with it, and managed a few good shots.

Word to the wise: Don't schedule your pictures at an affordable chain portrait studio on a Saturday afternoon. It was busy, and filled with families who had just walked in hoping to be able to get pictures. They were also booked with people who had scheduled their times. It took forever. I needed Xanax and large quantities of wine after that ordeal.
In 5 years, I will look back on these photos and laugh. But for today...I'm just glad they are over with for another 6 months...until Sam's 3rd birthday sends us back to the studio for another round of praying to the sweet baby Jesus for one good shot.

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  1. Oh, let me snatch them up! It was worth it - the pictures are darling.