Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yes, I'm still here.

Hello out there. It's been a while since I've come to jot down some thoughts and give you all a few cute pictures to oogle. Well, my friends, the stuff of life has been keepin' us hoppin. Some of it fun stuff, some of it sad stuff...but all of it life.

JT and I took the kids to see Grandma Lolly and Aunt Marg one weekend. We think we finally got everyone their presents from the "Blizzard Christmas of 2009." Oh wait. I see a few more boxes upstairs. Darn. Well then, we're almost done. It was good for the kids to see grandma and their aunt, and Sam and Sloane got lots of grandma love. I'd like to show you a few pictures, but I forgot my camera that day. Bad mommy.

Let's see...what else is going on....OH! Sloane is walking. Everywhere. Up stairs and down, across rooms and down hallways. All while giving her mother a heart attack in the process. It's all bittersweet to me, since Sloane is my last baby (99.9% sure on this one)....and she's not a baby anymore. Pretty soon she'll be asking Daddy for that pony we've been promising her if she'll sleep through the whole night.

Sam continues to improve his language skills. A light clicked on in his little mind a few weeks ago, and he's begun saying tons of new words and phrases, one of them being "I love you mama." Makes my heart melt. Aside from the sweetness and words, his favorite thing to do lately is to run away when you're trying to dress him, change him, or get him in the car. You know, typical almost 3 year old stuff.

John continues to work too much, but we're still thankful that he's got a place to go to work, so I won't complain. :) We've been having fun planning out summer vacations, since this seems to be the year that all of my friends are getting married, all over the US. We look forward to some adventures in the coming months.

So, that's been our life in a nutshell. I promise to get back here more often and write, and of course supply the masses with darling pictures of my spawn. :)

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