Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Hobo bag offerings

On Fridays, I pick up Sam's room and vacuum. This is the only day of the week that I pick up his room because, well, it's pointless to do it everyday. The kid goes through and ransacks it as soon as everything is off the floor. I barely have time to run for the vacuum before he's emptying bins again. Sloane also plays a major part in this disaster. As evidence, I give you Exhibits A, B, and C. These were taken a mere 13 minutes after I finished putting toys away and vacuuming this morning.

I rest my case.
If you follow me on Facebook, you also know that today my kids decorated Sloane's room with an entire, full bottle of baby powder. If you all see a satellite image of a large volcanic ash cloud over Lawrence, KS..DO NOT PANIC. That cloud is compliments of Johnson and Johnson, not Mt. Eiliwhdiwhateverthehellit'scalled. I didn't get a picture of the mess...sometimes it's hard to have complete thoughts when you are seething with rage and trying not to scream at your darling children. Next time, I promise.
ANYWAYS, I clean Sam's room on Fridays, and I usually find one of his hobo bags. You know, the bags kids carry around full of random stuff. Certainly I am not the only one with a hobo child. I always laugh at what I find in these bags of his, and today I decided to share.
Here is the hobo bag o' the day.
Inside today's hobo bag, I found:
2 small balls
my lost Cure CD, scratched all to hell. GRRR.
a piece of railroad track
some of Sloane's necklaces, or "pretties" as we call them here
a twisty tie, like for a loaf of bread
Ming Ming the duck (Wonder Pets)
Sam's sandal
a tampon, unopened
an empty bottle that once held peanuts
a Ziploc bag
an ooolllldd picture of John and I
What goes on in their little minds to posess them to hoard the most random of objects? It's just more proof of my theory that kids are miniature crazy people, and it's our job as parents to suppress the lunacy. Or at least mask it as something creative. :)
Happy Friday.

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  1. Love the contents of Sam's bag. That could be a list of that is in my purse, btw.

    There is a method to his madness, to be sure. We are just too ruined by our agedness to understand it.