Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When Did You Get So Big?

Lately, I have been waxing nostalgic about my children. Notice I called them children and not babies. There are no more babies in my house. :( Two good friends have given birth to little girls the past few weeks, and though I am soooo not having anymore kids, I do miss my little pink, angelic smelling tiny babies. The ones that snuggle and sleep and adore you for simple things like keeping their bums dry and their bellies full. We've got none of that going on in our house right now.

My tiny chubby cute babes have turned into big, tall string beans, who want "choc meeelk" and "naks" (snacks). They want pizza for dinner. Every. Single. Night. They've traded naps for digging in the trash can, and run screaming when you mention that they might need a new diaper. They mooch food off of my plate, and imitate every thing that I do.

Don't get me wrong, I love the little people they are becoming. We have fun dancing around the living room, and it is hilarious to hear Sam repeat things you say. His new fave? "Deuces mama" and he throws up 3 fingers instead of two, showing his version of the peace sign. It's a laugh-a-minute around here.

But for one day, I just want my tiny pink cuddle bugs back. I want to lay them on my chest and take a nap with them. I want to give them kisses and not have them squirming out of my embrace saying "Aww more nuggles." But, since that whole time travel thing has yet to pan out, I'll just look at pictures and remember what that was like and embrace the stinky, loud big kids that I've got on my lap.

Sloane napping with Daddy
Brand new Sloane

Sam snuggling with Mama

Hours-old Sam

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  1. Oh, dear. My uterus is seizing up. I miss the tiny baby days too, and we're not even out of "baby" time yet. But he won't snuggle, sleep on me, be peaceful like that anymore. That time is short, isn't it?

    But I wouldn't trade the ability to look back on those first few months for ANYTHING. Bliss.