Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday.

Here's a list of things on my mind for today. Very random, of course.

1. I LOVE Oriental Trading Company. They've got awesome craft stuff for Sam, and free shipping. Mama likes.

2. Why is it so damn hard to stay off of the wet floor? COME ON KIDS. You were contently watching Yo Gabba Gabba, when you both sensed, at the same time, that I was finished mopping. Now there are cute little baby toes all over the floor. OK...I'm not so mad anymore. Baby toes are OK.

3. Cottonwood trees are some of the dirtiest things on the planet. My front yard has snow....puffy, allergen filled snow.

4. The library is an untapped resource of awesome. I've been trying to read more, and now I'm addicted to books again. I finish one about every other day. Yes, my kids are still taken care of...maybe. Really they are, I just stay up WAY TOO LATE and read.

5. I have made up some of the best desserts out of desperation. Last night I really wanted something sweet, so I broiled some fresh pineapple, sprinkled it with brown sugar, carmelized it, and put it over lowfat vanilla ice cream. It was AWESOME. And like 4 Weight Watcher points. Heaven.

6. I keep checking my garden every morning to see if any seeds have poked through. I'm now obsessed with making sure the little plant babies grow into food. It's making me a little bit crazy.

Random thoughts by Lindsey. Happy Tuesday.


  1. Okay! I am off to check out the Oriental Trading Company. Might be a bad idea :)

  2. I love Oriental, but not (yet) for kid stuff. FOR ME STUFF. Like little handkerchief bags to give my cowboy themed gifts in. For like a dime apiece. Because I am over the top like that.

    Today, I mopped WHILE the dirty filthy dog walked around behind me on my floor. I did it anyway, couldn't help myself.

    I love the liberry, but can't read near enough. Resolve, resolved.

    I keep meaning to make cookies but never get around to it. But I'm resolved. Like I am about a lot of things.

    Come plant my garden for me. I can't get to it, dammit.