Sunday, April 11, 2010

I *heart* patios. And spring. And girlfriends.

My kids went to bed tonight at 6:45, tuckered out from the full day we all spent outdoors. Mission accomplished, Mommy. So, when you're kids are in bed early, what do you do? I make a few phone calls.

I think lazy, warm, perfect Sundays are made for having drinks with your best girlfriends in the whole world. On a patio. In your backyard. Perhaps you'll even have a Betty Ford Margarita or 3.

Tonight, 2 of my 4 best gals for life came over. It was just what I needed to power through Monday. I love you girls like fat kids love cake. And to the other time, my friends.

Happy Perfect Sunday friends. Hope to see you on my patio soon. :)

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