Friday, April 23, 2010

Next Week Has GOT to Be Better Than This Week...

Right? In no specific order, here's a list of shitty things that have happened around here this week. Hot Mess Express, indeed.

1. I didn't get into a class that I HAVE to have before I can go to nursing school. It pretty much means I am screwed until next semester. I just hope someone forgets to pay their tuition, and a spot opens up.

2. Sloane threw up on me in the check out lane in Target. Gross.

3. Sam fell down in the Target parking lot, in the rain. We were both soaked.

4. With all of the rain this week, I found out that one of our windows leaks. A lot. Right into the den that is the room beneath it.

5. My health insurance premium went up $100 a month. I'm thankful for healthcare, but HOLY CRAP. That is quite a jump. I will continue to pay it though ,because....

6. Today I pretty much cut 2 of my fingers off. Stitches, cauterization, the whole works. I'm sporting two Johnsonville Brats for fingers. Pretty.

Happy Friday friends. If you're looking for me tonight, I'll be sitting next to the world's largest bottle of Grey Goose.


  1. I just noticed your blog on your facebook page. Are your fingers okay? What a rough week. Hope the weekend is better.

  2. Thanks Trina! Fingers are numb and gross looking. :) I'll see you next week for sure!

  3. omg lindsey. this could not possibly happen all in one week all to one person. girl, you need a vacation.