Friday, April 16, 2010

Things That Would Make My Life Easier: Sippy Cup GPS

Just now, as I was unloading the dishwasher and doing my OCD counting of sippy cups, I came to the realization that we've got a cup gone AWOL. It's a Sloane cup, and she only drinks milk. So basically, I've got a rotten ticking time bomb planted somewhere in my house or car. If you've ever discovered, through smell, the hiding spot of an AWOL sippy, you know it is a smell you will never forget in your life. And then, you will start OCD counting your sippy cups, too.

My experience involved a 2 week old milk sippy (at least), my Honda CRV, in the summertime, in a parking lot. It was the nastiest thing I have ever had to shampoo out of my interior, and I will never ever forget to count sippys again. My husband, on the other hand....not so much. Which is why I'm now frantically searching my home for a cup soon to go bad.

Enter the Sippy Cup GPS. I am surprised nobody has invented this gem on, and up pops all of the land mines in your house! No more exploding milk cup in the parking lot of Worlds of Fun! No more screaming at your husband for not developing a case of OCD like you! No more bribing your 3 year old with ice cream if he just tells you where his secret hiding spot is...that also contains your grandmother's wedding ring and the remote to the television.

I'm trying to make someone a millionaire here...invent this already! Meanwhile, I'll be using my nose in the next 2 weeks to sniff out Sloane's nasty surprise. Yuck.

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