Friday, April 9, 2010

The Quintessential Warm Weather Cocktail

Spring is here, and for me that means drinking outside on a patio somewhere. It used to be at the Free State Brewery, but the addition of tiny children to the party means that Mama's got to get creative. So, my friends and relatives come hang out at our house now. We've got a decent patio, and the only thing we're really missing by being home are the random creepy folks and the skinny B Kappa girls. Just you wait ladies...your time of stretch marks and spider veins is coming. Enjoy your youth.

As many of you know, I'm now a slave to the Weight Watchers points system, so I need a good cocktail that is low on the points scale...enter the 2 point margarita. Or, you can call them Betty Ford Margaritas like my friend Jeannene....because if you love them as much as we do, you'll end up needing the services of the Betty Ford Clinic. :)

Recipe for Betty Ford Margaritas:
1. Fill a cup with ice, and add
-1 shot of tequila
-1 squirt of fresh lime juice (or the bottled, no need to be fancy pants)
-a few sprinkles from a packet of Crystal Light lemonade (dry mix)
-fill to the top with Diet 7up.
- Enjoy. Over. And over. And over.

I have to give props to my friend Karla, as she is the one who introduced me to this lovely little cocktail. But when drinks are as good as this one, you spread the word to everyone. Your welcome. :)

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