Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet My New Baby...

Isn't she pretty?

You crazy people thought it was a real baby again, didn't you? I've told you all...that would take an act of God. Really. That package has been wrapped, friends. :)

Anyways...this is my new baby. My garden. I think I'll name her Gertrude. Sure, Gertie doesn't look like much right now, but pretty soon she's going to be full of awesome things to eat.

I've always thought it was pretty freakin' cool to be able to grow your own food. My grandfather had a large garden when we were kids, and I have many memories of running up to Gamma and Papa's back door with my nightshirt full of produce from the garden. I've always wanted that. Now that I've got some cute little binks that can carry stuff to my back door, we thought we'd give it another shot this year. It will mean a battle with the rabbits, squirrels, our psycho dogs, and this monster:
but I think we'll be able to handle it. I mean, we've managed to keep two kids breathing and alive for almost 3 years now, so this should be a snap, right?
Wish me luck. Who knows, if you're lucky, I might share some of Gertrude's sweet booty with you.

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  1. Oh no - the chupacabre monster! He's a mean one! We are planning on putting a mesh fence around our garden this year... or have a bunny roast. That silly yorkie keeps eating the leaves of our jalapeno plants. He will think twice when the fruit starts falling. FIRE IN THE HOLE!